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Central West Marketing August KarinaBonny Belle is a small alpaca stud at the foot of Mt Victoria in the beautiful Hartley Valley, NSW, Australia. Our aim is to produce fine, dense, heavily fleeced, alpacas under the influence of SRSalpaca® developed by Dr Jim Watts. He with his team of classers annually assess our herd and provide guidance as to what direction to take for the next 12months. By using scientific data to assess our animals we are able to make better breeding choices and so achieve our goals in a shorter time. Our goals being to produce fine, long, dense and beautiful fleeces on all our animals.

In line with this goal we are co-owners of the beautiful Ngullaminya Ultima Thule, Solid white male, son of Amberson Gallipoli with Auzengate, Highlander and also El Jefe in his background. Purchasing from Bonny Belle you will know you are purchasing a quality animal who will be a good producer and will cary genetics which will enhance your herd.

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Diana and Ralph Fairbairn

52 Bonny Hills Drive
Little Hartley
NSW  2790  Australia
+61 2 63 552372

Alpacas for Sale       Golden Retrievers